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Electrolyte supply pump

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Premiumline 6024 RS

Electrolyte supply pump 1200 EP

for BYMAT 1120 RS, 1130 RS, 1140 RS, 1150 RS, 6024 RS, 7024 RS

The advantages of the 1200 EP at a glance:

  • Touch contact: electrolyte is only pumped on contact Fast cleaning and polishing
  • Modern LED design
  • Electrolyte quantity individually and continuously adjustable
  • Can be used upright or lying down, therefore flexible and space-saving
  • Suitable for continuous use
  • Swivelling holder for the standard electrolyte container
  • Continuous processing of large surfaces
  • Suitable for all BYMAT® units
  • Ideal automation connection
Technical data 1200 EP
Voltage primary 230 V
Voltage secondary 24 V
Power 12 W
Dimensions (LxWxH) 265 x 206 x 95 mm
Flow rate 10-60 adjustable up to 57 ml/min