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The right electrolyte is the important substance to effectively perform electrochemical cleaning and / or polishing of shiny stainless steel surfaces or welds.
The medium ensures rapid removal of oxidation and tarnish and significantly extends the life of your workpiece by protecting it against corrosion. To make it easier for you to choose the right electrolyte, we have coloured our common liquids.

Extra Strong
For cleaning / polishing
for strong tarnish

Art.-No. 2040 DC – 1 Liter bottle
Art.-No. 2045 DC – 5 Liter canister

For mild cleaning of
light tarnish

Art.-No. 2030 DH – 1 Liter bottle
Art.-No. 2035 DH – 5 Liter canister

Acid free
For cleaning of
light tarnish

Art.-No.. 2030 LF – 1 Liter bottle
Art.-No. 2035 LF – 5 Liter canister

For neutralising

Art.-No. 2215 NT – 500 ml bottle
Art.-No. 2211 NT – 1 Liter bottle
Art.-No. 2250 NT – 5 Liter canister


A successful project requires the right accessories! For this reason, you will find a perfectly coordinated and comprehensive range of accessories and wear parts for your Bymat.

Our extensive range is always adapted to market requirements – naturally taking into account the highest quality standards.


Download our new product catalogue as a PDF here.


We are expanding our portfolio. From now on, you can purchase accessories

suitable for  devices from us. Just get in touch with us!

Carbon fibre brush M10 brass

Suitable for Teflon handle „Performance“

Fibre quantity Total length Fibre length
1,3 mil 115 mm 85 mm


Carbon-Fix swivel sleeve „Performance“
  • Perfect cooling and bundling of the carbon filament
  • Suitable for Teflon handle „Performance“
Universal Teflon handle „Performance“
  • Improved ergonomic shape. Lies perfectly in the hand
  • Very good thermal insulation due to separate cooling channel
  • 140 mm with M6 internal thread and M10 external thread
  • SK25 connection – fits all cleaning devices


Our work does not end with the sale of a device! You need a template for signing. We will be happy to create one for you according to your wishes. Whether logos, symbols, fonts, characters, type plates or business cards – you decide and send us your template.

Optimal templates are file formats with min. 300 dpi resolution.

Image data as:
PSD files (Photoshop), FRH files (Freehand, up to version 10.0), CDR files (Corel Draw, up to version 10.0), TIFF files, EPS files, BMP files, PDF files, JPG files, Word files.
In Corel Draw and Freehand, please convert fonts into character paths.

Please send these to us by e-mail to:
If the files are too large, they can also be zipped.
Or you can send us the templates by post. We are also happy to accept your non-digital templates (e.g. letterhead, business card, etc.).

We recommend a template size of up to DIN A4. Stencils larger than DIN A4, please contact us.