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Since 1995, Bymat GmbH has been known as a leading German manufacturer of equipment for electrochemical cleaning, polishing and marking of stainless steels on an environmentally friendly basis.

Always the latest technologies offer our customers cost-efficient, fast and more effective ways of cleaning weld seams. Our high-quality weld seam cleaning devices remove tarnish after welding in an environmentally friendly, colour-identical and fast way, while passivating the weld seams at the same time.

Electrochemical surface treatment can reduce or replace the use of toxic pickling pastes.

Dark and light marking of all conductive metal surfaces is another interesting option of our cleaning and marking devices.

Due to the different model series Classicline, Brushline as well as the Premiumline, the right unit is available for every user.

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Premiumline - 3024 RS, 4024 RS and 6024 RS


Our proven professional devices.



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Classicline MS 1030


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